"Tiffany has a gift for gently pushing you to the edge to discover your truth.  She is focused and extremely creative at guiding to observe and dislodge false beliefs.  She is committed and thorough at achieving the coaching goals you create. I can whole-heartedly recommend Tiffany for coaching or counseling of any sort!"


"By working with Tiffany, my whole office has reached a new level of understanding about both their personal and professional lives and the direction that will help them achieve their goals. Tiffany holds us accountable so that we are able to not only list goals, but achieve them. We have all been able to step outside of our comfort zones and take on difficult challenges in order to lead us up the ladder of success, and without the expertise of Tiffany’s coaching methods we would just have a list of goals that were never achieved." 


"I am a woman of strength and courage who is happy, healthy and balanced in all areas of my life. I could not say this six months ago before I was led to Tiffany and life coaching. For the first time in my life I set goals, reach them and feel good about it. My past no longer defines me, my "demons" aren't in control and I am free to be me with my loved ones. Tiffany is truly a treasure."


"What I found in Tiffany was a talented and enthusiastic professional with a gift for helping me articulate what I truly wish to accomplish. Not only does she know what she's doing - she helps me realize that I actually know what I'm doing. Then she makes me do it."


"Tiffany Lehman has done a great job as my Life Coach when I was at a crucial crossroads in my life. Tiffany was so fabulous at helping me identify exactly what my needs were, overcoming my fears of going into the unknown and giving me the tools to be successful even after our regular sessions came to an end. 
I honestly believe that she has been crucial to my success."



"Tiffany helped me focus on the big picture. I got so caught up in the little details that I didn’t really have a plan for this business other than just surviving the first few years. She helped me get my vague ideas into a more solid plan - a successful business of 3-5 partners that has a reputation for exceptional client relationships and cutting-edge design. Tiffany has helped me with both short and long-range goal-setting. She showed me how to break down my big, overwhelming goals into smaller, bite-size pieces and how to measure my achievements toward reaching those goals in a way that reinforces them.  I highly recommend Tiffany to any entrepreneur who has a big idea and is not sure how to go about making it real."


"It is with my strongest recommendation that I encourage everyone that works with Tiffany Lehman to consider the “Life Vision Day Retreat”. My experience was one of my most rewarding coaching sessions, both personally and professionally, and the positive impact on me will last a lifetime. Especially impressive to me was the amount of planning and preparation work completed by Tiffany prior to the retreat, which was custom tailored to me. We spent a wonderful day within Rocky Mountain National Park while we contemplated my needs, values, mission and vision.


 "To me, the biggest benefit of working with Tiffany is having someone who can hold me accountable to my goals. That's something my wife and friends can't do because they are too close. 


"We gain a powerful perspective when we see courage as what we choose to do even when we feel afraid. Courage means accepting our feelings and sticking with our planned purposeful action."


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